What is Monster Truck Throwdown?

We are the leading provider of complete monster truck event planning and event production services for outdoor venues. Through the collective resources of our family of teams, we create an experience that reaches all of your senses. The speed, style and destruction of Monster Truck Throwdown is enjoyed by all ages!

We specialize in bringing the exciting thrills and excitement of Monster Trucks to audiences with first class professionalism, top notch performers, and action packed events that create lasting memories.


The Event


On The Track

Each Monster Truck Throwdown event features a variety of competitions to showcase both the driver and truck abilities. Side by side racing puts drivers against one another to see who can complete the course the fastest in a bracket competition to determine an overall winner. Wheelie competitions are where drivers do their best to stand their trucks completely vertical and perform the best wheelie possible. Donut competitions feature drivers putting their big motors to the test as they try to get their trucks to spin around into a donut and see just how far they can push it. Finally there’s freestyle where drivers get to free reign of the track to pull off the wildest stunts possible with big air, donuts, wheelies and more!

The Pit Party

Monster Truck Throwdown takes great pride in creating the most fan friendly environment possible by providing fans with unparalleled access to the the superstars of Monster Truck Throwdown at the Pit Party. Before each event the Pit Party allows fans the chance to see the trucks up close and meet their favorite drivers for autographs and photos. This makes monster truck racing one of the most fan interactive motorsports around. Fans may also get the chance to take a ride on a specially built monster ride truck!


The Trucks

These mammoth machines are truly monstrous but don’t let the size fool you, these are high performance vehicles capable of astounding feats. While the trucks may weigh in at a hefty 10,000 pounds and stand 10 feet tall, their equipped with powerful engines producing up to 1800 horsepower. With that power monster trucks can reach speeds of up to 70 mph in competition. The tires are a massive 66 inches tall by 43 inches wide allowing them to crash and smash huge obstacles. With suspension travel up to 30 inches monster trucks can take flight with jumps over 30 feet high and more than 100 feet in distance.


The Drivers

The drivers at Monster Truck Throwdown are some of the best in the monster truck industry, competing at the highest levels in the sport. Our field often includes veterans with over 10 years of experience, to prior world champions who regularly compete in nationally televised events. Not only are these superstars spectacular behind the wheel, they’re also dedicated to the fans in attendance. Monster truck drivers are renowned for their genuine enthusiasm when it comes to interacting with the audience during pit parties and the event.