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Now is your chance to bring the ultimate form of family motorsports entertainment to your customers! Fill your venue with the excitement of monster truck racing with the Monster Truck Throwdown tour! We focus on creating safe, action packed, and professionally produced events from top to bottom using only the best and biggest names in the Monster Truck industry at an affordable rate for each client’s needs.

Bring the most fan accessible and interactive form of motorsports entertainment to your race track, fair, festival, or casino.


What Monster Truck Throwdown Provides For Your Event

Monster Truck Throwdown will provide you with the essential elements to make first class Monster Truck entertainment a reality. Our dedicated event production staff has an extensive background working with a variety of venues ranging from NFL Stadiums and NBA Arenas to county fairs and outdoor festivals and everything in between.

We provide the BEST monster truck superstars with our top level talent to make your event spectacular. Our safety certified Tech Officials are the best in the monster truck industry and ensure our events operate in a safe manner. A high energy event announcer is crucial to any monster truck event and our announcing team comprises of highly knowledgeable and professional emcees who know how to engage your audience. Monster Truck Throwdown events are exciting for all ages and we strive to create a fun, family oriented environment for all to enjoy. Our media team also provides full marketing assistance to help generate buzz and excitement for your event. We provide assistance in creating both digital and prints and graphic design for your needs. Most importantly we provide the non-stop action to keep your audience coming back year after year

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