First Car
2003 Pontiac Grand AM GT with the darkest tint… I got pulled over a lot.

Favorite Food
French fries are the way to my heart

Favorite Music
Pop-Punk and Hip Hop!

Photography is my biggest passion and keeps me very busy! I also read a lot of comic books (huge Marvel Comics nerd right here), skateboard, love to travel/be outdoors and eat pizza.

Favorite Monster Truck
Rap Attack! At my first MTT event, it flipped on its side and us girls had to stall/distract the crowd for 20+ minutes while they tried to turn it upright… It was unsuccessful.

If you drove a monster truck, what would you want to run over
Cars of people that don’t know how to tip their waiter/waitresses!

Favorite thing about Monster Truck Throwdown
The entire experience is amazing- from meeting the awesome fans, to the crazy stunts we get to witness up close, to the fantastic people who work so hard at each events; the atmosphere is indescribable. I’m also hoping that one day, they’ll ask me to fill in as a driver.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done
Swimming with 7′ sharks in Hawaii. It was on my bucket list for the longest time and I’m so glad I finally did it. Sharks are my favorite animal!

Coolest thing about your hometown
The BEER. Brew City, USA! We also have a variety of amazing restaurants, a beautiful downtown and we’re only 30 minutes away from Lake Michigan.

Instagram – @ashleekristin