First Car
Sebring Convertible

Favorite Food

Favorite Music
EDM and R&B

Eating nachos, running, yoga, watching movies, going to the beach, playing with my dog and eating more nachos….

Favorite Monster Truck
Hmmm… Crushstation!

If you drove a monster truck, what would you want to run over
Cars that are driving under the speed limit!

Favorite thing about Monster Truck Throwdown
I literally love everything about it! The atmosphere is amazing.

What’s the crazies thing you’ve ever done- 
I can’t way that out loud lol.. So i will go with the time i tried to crowd surf at a Somo concert and then attempted to hijack his tour bus… lol.

What’s the coolest thing about your hometown – 
The beach for sure!

Instagram – @tiffanyjeannevliem