Brad Allen - Brutus - Monster Truck Throwdown


Name: Brad Allen
Martial Status: In a Relationship
Date of Birth: 03/15/1988
Residence: Columbus, Michigan
Driving Since: 2011

How did you get started in Monster Trucks?

BA – Kind of just fell into it. Rich Hilgendorf called me because he was getting put into the drivers seat of Spike and Team Scream needed a crew guy and help rebuilding the shop that recently burnt down. That day I quit my job as a cook and moved to Columbus.

What are your favorite things to do in your down time?
– If I do have any I like doing anything outside that involves a motorized toy. quads, dirt bikes, you name it!

What’s your favorite food?
– Velveeta Shells

Favorite thing about monster truck racing?
– The adrenaline rush! If u don’t like the rush then u shouldn’t be racing monster trucks. And I can’t forget about the fans. If it wasn’t for them monster trucks wouldn’t be as big as it is. Because of them we do what we do every weekend. Long hours and hard work just to put the show on. Whatever it takes, and that’s no lie

Favorite Color?
– Red, like the monstah lobstah!


Body: 3D Rottweiler by Jason Becker
Chassis: Racesource
Shocks: 26″ Racesource and Patrick Enterprises
Engine: 565 Chevrolet Big Block
Transmission: Coan/Bewick Power Glide

Sponsors: AEM, Aristocast, Aurora Bearing, Air Air Colors, B & M Shifters, Bell Helmets, Boyce Equipment, Burkard, Coan Transmissions, Fun Bike Center, Green Grease, ISP Seats, Kinser Fuel Injection, Luacs Oil, MSD, NG, PTM Corp, RJS Racing Equipment, SATA, Six B Apparel, Smith Brothers Welding, SNS Chrome, VFN Finishes, Wiseco Performance Products.

Brad Allen - Brutus - Monster Truck Throwdown Brad Allen - Brutus - Monster Truck Throwdown Brad Allen - Brutus - Monster Truck Throwdown