monster truck throwdown jester


Name: Matt Pagliarulo
Martial Status: Married to Laura
Date of Birth: 06/09/1972
Residence: Deltona, Florida
Driving Since: 2015

How did you get started in Monster Trucks?

MP – It started back in the mid 1980’s when I went to my first show and was instantly hooked. Back then it there wasn’t any internet, YouTube or social media and the coverage on TV just didn’t exist except for a few times a year. I followed the sport when I could and over the years as I got older started going to more and more shows and even started traveling to the World Finals in Las Vegas with my family. Then in 2012, I met JR McNeal, TJ Tripp and Roy Pridgeon during their first visit to the World Finals. I had never seen their team before and after talking with them found out that they were a Florida based team and that their shop was only about 15 minutes from where we lived. The following year I ran in to them again at a pit party where we talked further and where they invited me to come out to their shop whenever I wanted. I started helping out at the shop from time to time and it was at that point that my family and I decided we would start building our own truck. For the rest of that year and over the summer I crewed for JR and the team at various shows to get some experience. Then in 2014, I started crewing with them full time during first quarter and learned a bunch while at the same time continuing to work on building our truck. We completed our build in late 2014 and started performing at shows soon after. Even now I am still a huge fan of Monster Trucks and I enjoy being a part of such a great sport.

What are your favorite things to do in your down time?
MP – Unfortunately there is not a lot of down time between the race team, spending time with my wife and kids while also running our businesses. When I do actually have some down time I enjoy riding motorcycles and quads and spending time outdoors with my wife and three kids.

What’s your favorite food?
MP – YES! I mean anything Italian or a good Cheeseburger

Favorite thing about monster truck racing?
MP – I would have to say first and foremost the fans. All of the drivers started as fans of the sport at one point or another and I like to think that my family and I were (and still are) huge fans. It’s great to talk to the Super Fans because they know every detail about the trucks, the history, what type of chassis you run and who has driven the trucks over the years. A very close second I would have to say is the sports history. Some of the first shows I ever attended were back in the mid 1980’s and it’s great to see how far the sport has evolved and how technology has helped to make it bigger, better and safer.

Favorite Color?
– Blue!


Body: 2013 Cadillac Jestalade
Chassis: 2013 Patrick Enterprises, Inc. XT
Shocks: 26″ Front and 30″ Rear Patrick Enterprises, Inc.
Engine: 540 Chevy by Central Florida Machine and Speed
Transmission: 2 Speed Powerglide by FTI
Transfer Case: 16′ Cylcone Gearbox

Sponsors: Central Florida Machine and Speed, Central Florida Powder Coating, Cyclone Gearbox, Energy Suspension, FK Rod Ends, FTI Competition Converters and Transmissions, Hooker Harness, PEI, Spaghetti Menders