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Dirt Crew

The 2017 Monster Truck Throwdown season kicked off in style at Piedmont Dragway in Julian, North Carolina. An impressive lineup of trucks including Quad Chaos, Jester, Over Bored, Dirt Crew, Rap Attack and Wild Side battled it out for the first wheelie, racing and freestyle competitions wins of the year.

“Big Air” Aaron Cain drew the first spot for wheelies and opened the show with two perfect vertical wheelstands. Try as they might, the competition was unable to best the World’s Largest ATV, and Aaron Cain was presented the season’s first Throwdown trophy.

Sean Duhon was behind the wheel of the former series champion truck Over Bored and he went to the top of the board in qualifying and marched his way to the finals, where he would face off against Quad Chaos. Aaron Cain was trying to go 2 for 2, but there was no beating “The Duhon” tonight as Over Bored took the racing trophy.

The night’s grand finale, freestyle, did not disappoint as all the trucks showed off the Speed, Style and Destruction that fans have come to expect from Monster Truck Throwdown. Matt Pagliarulo in Jester laid down an incredible run with a slap wheelie, big air and a nice save to go to the top of the board. But there would be no slowing down “Big Air” Aaron Cain as he sent the fans home with an incredible freestyle performance to take the win.

A big thanks to all the fans for coming out to enjoy the Monster Truck Throwdown season opener, we’ll see you back tomorrow night for a wild Saturday night at Piedmont Dragway!




  • Winner: Aaron Cain in Quad Chaos


  • Winner: Sean Duhon in Over Bored


  • Rap Attack – 15
  • Dirt Crew – 19
  • Jester – 24
  • Over Bored – 20
  • Quad Chaos – 26

Freestyle Winner: Aaron Cain in Quad Chaos


Monster Truck Throwdown closed down our first ever weekend at Piedmont Dragway in wild fashion Saturday night! The night got started with Aaron Cain once again opening the event with a couple of huge sky wheelies to take the Wheelie Competition trophy. Sean Duhon was on a rail in Over Bored, taking the top spot in qualifying and marching his way through the brackets to the finals where he defeated Jerry Beck in Dirt Crew to take the racing win. All the drivers went big in freestyle, but Matt Pagliarulo in Jester held nothing back, repeatedly sending the “Jestalade” flying through the North Carolina sky, and making a great save as time expired on his way to the win. A huge thank you to everyone with Piedmont Dragway for hosting the Monster Truck Throwdown season opener and to all the fans for coming out to see the shows!


  • Winner: Aaron Cain in Quad Chaos


  • Racing Winner: Sean Duhon in Over Bored


  • Rap Attack – 13
  • Wild Side – 17
  • Dirt Crew – 15
  • Over Bored – 20
  • Jester – 27
  • Quad Chaos – 23

Freestyle Winner: Matt Pagliarulo in Jester

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