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The monsters would roll into Plymouth Speedway for the Saturday show and deliver on the Monster Truck Throwdown promise to entertain. Wheelies would start with Reckless Drivin and the bar would be set high ,with big air and tailgate dragging action as the first competitor.   As other monsters would come out, it would be Miss Over Bored that impressed the most until Brutus and Brad Allen would get the crowd vote with huge air and slap wheelies as a bonus.

Qualifying would see a lightning fast Barbarian set the pace that was a full 2 seconds faster than the next closes time.  This time would only prove to be just that, a fast time.  When racing rolled around it would see Devin Jones fall in the first round due to a lane violation.  The semis would see Miss Over Bored lose in a very tight race to the eventual Champion Avenger.  Ballard in Miss Over Bored was on her A-game, but she would watch her husband, Jamey Garner in Over Bored in the final.  Jim Koehler in Avenger would square off with Over Bored in the battle of Monster Truck Throwdown Titans in the Chicago style championship round.  Avenger would take the checkered flag by a truck length and get the crown in front of the large Plymouth Speedway crowd.

After a solid performance from the FMX  superstars the stage was set for Monster Truck Throwdown Freestyle. Brutus was back from earlier transmission issues, and Brad Allen would not disappoint.  One hit after another would see huge air, and the eventual breaking off of the rear tire which brought the crowd to its feet!  Miss Over Bored came out and laid down the law with a performance that was the standard until Over Bored would finish the night.  Over Bored would earn a cheer-off against Miss Over Bored, and the out come was dead even with the win going to Jamey Garner in the end!


  • Winner: Crushstation


  • Winner: Avenger over Over Bored


  • Freestyle Winner: Over Bored


Brilliant sunshine and a full slate of 6 monster trucks would be on the docket for Plymouth on this glorious Sunday.  A nice crowd would see Reckless Drivin kick things off with some textbook wheelies.  Ballard in Miss Over Bored would also make her presence know as she would challenge for the lead with 2 impressive hits.  The final competitor would be Jim Koehler in Avenger, and he would get the win with two stellar big air wheelies earning the Plymouth Speedway crowds appreciation.

For the second day Devin Jones in Barbarian would be you fast qualifier and for the second day Barbarian would lose on a technicality in his round one race.  Miss Over Bored would get into the semi-finals as fast loser from round one.  She would be put against Brutus and be edged out after a solid run from Brad Allen and Brutus.  On the other side, The other semi-final race would see Avenger vs Over Bored battle it out to the North Star Ranch finish line. This was the closest race of the afternoon, and it set the table for a Team Scream championship round as Koehler and Avenger would pick up the win. The hype would be more than the actual race, as the big dog Brutus would get the win by a solid margin!

Freestyle was full speed ahead, Reckless Drivin came out with vengeance, hitting all the obstacles with the exception of the large fountain jump.  Barbarian, Brutus, and Over Bored would continue the dominance, Jamey Garner even hit the fountain and cleared it with ease in Over Bored.  Avenger would be the final act of the afternoon, and as usual, there was no disappointment. Koehler has the power, rhythm, and big air to make the crowd fall into a frenzy.  His run was awesome, but you may be wondering about Miss Over Bored, where did she finish?  After Deidra Ballard hit the track in her monster, we realized we may have seen the birth of a superstar.  Miss Over Bored had amazing throttle control, the momentum was on point, and her big air rivaled the biggest of the weekend.  Once all the dust settled it was a cheer off between her and Avenger, and on this day, it was ladies first!


  • Winner: Avenger


  • Racing Winner: Brutus over Avenger


  • Freestyle Winner: Miss Over Bored
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